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About Me

 I am a fully Qualified Counsellor and Registered Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). 

I am an integrative therapist (various theories, strategies and tools) and have vast experience counselling adults and young people with varying mental health issues. also have experience of bereavement counselling of adults with Cruse.

 I have built up my own private practice in Stevenage & Cambridge, counselling both adults and young people over 16 for many years, covering a range of diverse issues.


My integrative style of therapy can assist you in Emotion regulation including Anger Management, Anxiety and Depression, Grief, Traumas, OCD, Phobias, Addictions, and boosting your Self-Esteem, Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence. We can work on changing habits and non-helpful beliefs that are not working for you and maintaining good existing habits, boosting your Self-Belief and leading to healthier life-fulfilling ambitions and goals. 

I am a Mindfulness Teacher using Grounding, Breathing and Mindful Techniques and, together with CBT, and Person Centred Psychotherapy we can hone your counselling to be centred around your personal needs as a unique individual - using the tools and training I offer that most fit your preferences.

I am also Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Neurodivergent trained.

I also offer Mindfulness 4 or 8 week session courses that can assist clients to become more Self Aware, focussed and grounded, help ease physical sensations and improve the dysfunctional thinking aspects of Depression and Anxiety.  It helps take us out of our overthinking heads and uses the breath as an anchor.  

Mindfulness doesn’t have to be fixed formal meditations, but can be used in simple every day tasks, and its magic is in its simplicity to use your senses to be more in the moment. 

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