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All humans have the potential to change and grow

​Nurture the parts of you that help you grow and discard those that hold you back

New Confidence and Assertiveness Workshop on Saturday 15th April 2023 at Cambridge Churchill College


  1. Embark on a course of counselling

  2. Start moving towards Fear and embrace it as a positive feeling

  3. Be more Assertive (see my Specialist Counselling Information page regarding this).  This means Starting to saying YES to actions that challenge you and help you achieve a more meaningful life and NO to actions that do not assist you with this (workshop Announcement see link)

  4. Fill your life with hopes and dreams that feel true to your real personality and not to please others

  5. Be kinder to yourself and EMBRACE POSITIVITY

Madeline Beaumont

BACP Registered Psychotherapist

If you want to find out more, please contact me on my email address

I can help you to resolve your issues and conflicts, whatever they may be, whether it is to manage stress and anxiety, overcome depression, take control of obsessive and addictive behaviours or build positive relationships

I can help you to find your life purpose, find your happiness,

reach your goals and live your life

Teaching you how to be mindful and in the moment as this keeps you focused on the task at hand and not daydreaming or worrying about something else

I provide professional therapy enhancing positive change in individuals, couples and teenagers.

White Rocks


If you want to discuss your individual needs and arrange a session please follow the contact link below

Be in the moment, actively aware of your surroundings

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